Thursday, November 21, 2013

What You Don’t Know Could Help You Survive!

Now is the time to write the check for your AAHomecare membership renewal. Why? Because there’s a fresh attitude in Washington at the refocused and reenergized AAHomecare, and that’s because of the new president and CEO, Tom Ryan. You could say we have a new hired gun, and this one is also a veteran provider. For the first time ever, the national DME association is led by a peer.

AAHomecare is working hard on the lobbying and grassroots advocacy efforts that you see regularly reported in Wednesday in Washington, as well as other alerts and updates. But there’s so much more that goes into the process of defending your interests before Congress and at regulatory agencies that isn’t readily apparent from what you see in your in-box.

The people at AAHomecare have developed solid relationships with influential congressional staff and regulators. So, while the conversation on any given issue can be contentious sometimes, and doesn’t always produce the hoped-for result, the Association is seen as an honest broker, a ready resource, and a well-informed advocate by these important audiences.

Much like your patients only see a small sliver of what actually goes into the entire process of providing (and getting paid for) their equipment and services, AAHomecare members only see a fraction of what the Association does for you on a daily basis. As the old cliché goes, “if we told you everything that’s going on, we would have to shoot you,” so you’ll have to take it on faith that these behind-the-scenes efforts could be what turns the tide and changes DME’s future for the better.

Results don’t come free; they’re backed up by the engagement of AAHomecare members large and small—and by their dues. AAHomecare can’t do this alone. Now is the time to step up and give Tom and his team the tools they need to fight for us in Washington.

If you’re currently an AAHomecare member, you should have already received your renewal packet. Write the check (or get out your credit card) and send it in. If you are not a member, then now is the time to join the unified voice for the DME industry, AAHomecare. Find more information on membership here, or contact Cheryl Bass at or 571-312-6999 to support the team that is protecting your business every day.

Wayne Stanfield
former executive director, National Association of Independent Medical Equipment Suppliers
former vice president of provider relations, American Association for Homecare
current executive director, Home Care Alliance of Virginia

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