Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Your Chance to Join the AAHomecare Board of Directors

Your Chance to Join the AAHomecare Board of Directors

Have you ever thought, "I wish AAHomecare would..."?  Then you should think about joining the AAHomecare Board of Directors.

AAHomecare's Board of Directors is composed entirely of volunteers from broad cross-section of home medical equipment providers, manufacturers, and related member companies.  The Board and its Executive Committee direct AAHomecare policy and meet three times each year to establish strategic guidance, set priorities, and evaluate progress. The next meeting will be at the Washington Legislative Conference, May 7-8, in Washington, DC.

This is your chance to join this influential group and help lead the HME industry. If you are willing and able to represent Association members like yourself, complete a nomination form and return it to Sue Mairena no later than close of business this April 8, 2014.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Isn't What Medicare Was Supposed to Be

Carl A. Mulberry, president of Columbus Medical Equipment, in Columbus, Ohio, wrote to Congress about repair problems and cited the circumstances of one Medicare patient.

“I had a long time patient call me,” he wrote. “She was almost in tears because her hospital bed has needed repair for quite a long time.

The bed needs an accessory replaced; the foot motor and tube assembly that is part of the bidding program. She had called several contract suppliers to try to get help. She finally found one that charged her $60 to come to her home and identify what needs replacing.

When she did not hear back, she called them and was told that they were not able to find the parts for her bed. She has one of the most common beds in the homecare industry. She is now planning to buy the part from us and have a friend’s son install it for her.

Medicare successfully saved money on this case. And this is supposed to be a good thing? What’s the cost of the anxiety that this women was needlessly put through?”

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of Medicare beneficiaries across the country just like this patient. She was finally able to find a solution, but many are helpless and losing hope.

This isn’t what Medicare was supposed to be: Where is the safety net for the elderly and the disabled?

The above is an excerpt from the March 7, 2014, issue of DME Matters. Click on the below to read the full issue.

Medicare Bidding Program Creates Repair Nightmares for Patients (March 7, 2014)