Monday, August 5, 2013

Don’t Go It Alone—Go to Medtrade!

Bidding, audits, new regulations, whatever CMS can dream up next; they're enough to give a HME company owner nightmares! If they're keeping you up at night, too, you’re not alone. Everyone in the homecare sector is dealing with one, some, or even all of the same issues that you are working through as you serve your community while trying to maintain your bottom line.

If only there was some place where you could talk about the problems your company faces and tap into the collective expertise of a huge group of HME people. And wouldn't if be great if you could do it in just a couple of days, preferably in a place with a nice climate*?

Of course, such a place does exist—Orlando, Florida, during Medtrade, October 10-12.

Register today to take advantage of early bird discounts, then choose from more than 100 educational sessions led by industry experts, see new products from more than 400 exhibitors, network with HME leaders while supporting public policy efforts aimed at protecting your business.

Don’t go it alone—go to Medtrade. Here are some ways to help you get there without busting your budget:

Travel Info & Discounts
Hotel Accommodations

Spend some quality time with people who face the same challenges and demonstrate the same commitment to serve their patients as you do.

* The average high in Orlando in October is 84, and the average low is 66.

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