Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alan Landauer and Van G. Miller Receive the 2012 Homecare Champion Award

The American Association for Homecare announced today that it will give its annual Homecare Champion Award to Alan Landauer, chairman of Landauer Metropolitan, Inc., and to Van G. Miller, founder and president of the VGM Group.

The Homecare Champion Award recognizes AAHomecare members who have made exceptional contributions to the homecare community throughout their careers. A Homecare Champion embodies the spirit of service and caring that are hallmarks of successful leaders in our community.

In a letter to Landauer, AAHomecare President Tyler Wilson and Chairman Joel Marx wrote, “Your steadfast commitment to the homecare sector, evidenced by your service as president of the New York Medical Equipment Providers Association and as chairman of the American Association for Homecare, are just a few of the significant contributions you have made.” They noted that one of Landauer’s lasting legacies during his tenure at AAHomecare is a stronger revenue base for the Association, which benefits the entire homecare community.

In a letter to Van Miller, Wilson and Marx stated, “Your remarkable entrepreneurial achievements in the HME sector going back to the founding of Miller Medical Supply in 1976, your leadership of two companies that were recognized by Inc. Magazine as among the fastest growing in the U.S., and your founding of VGM Group, which now employs more than 500 people, are just a few of the many qualities that make you a Homecare Champion.”

AAHomecare will present the awards to Landauer and Miller at the Stand Up for Homecare reception at Medtrade next week, which will be held on Tuesday evening, October 16, at Ventanas Rooftop, 275 Baker Street, Atlanta, Ga. 30313.

Please join us for the award ceremony at Medtrade. Register now.

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