Wednesday, June 13, 2012

AAHomecare Independent Consultant Network: Meet Health Care Reimbursement Solutions, Inc.

Mary Ellen Spradlin grew up in a family business and always knew she would own a business herself someday. Opening a business means doing what you know and by the time she founded Health Care Reimbursement Solutions, Inc. in August 1995, she had been billing HME for 14 years.

The client list grew quickly and now, 17 years later, HCRS has clients in eight states ranging from small pharmacies to multi-location companies. HCRS works with their clients to be the back room without really being in their back room.

Keeping her staff and clients up-to-date on changing rules and regulations is a high priority for Mary Ellen. She’s active on the Region B council and in several state associations. She also sends her staff to trainings for Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and others. HCRS offers training for its clients, too. Frequent client communication is one of the benefits of working with HCRS.

“I get a real thrill from assisting new clients who are just getting started in the business,” says Mary Ellen. Helping them with accreditation and Medicare enrollment is particularly satisfying, but she also enjoys watching them grow as they provide equipment and care to seniors and people with disabilities in the community.

Several of HCRS’ first clients signed on as a result of its AAHomecare membership. In fact, one of them from 1998 is still a client today. Mary Ellen likes to work with AAHomecare members because they’re knowledgeable and have integrity. Integrity is something that HCRS prides itself on. The goal is to make sure clients have everything needed not only to get paid but to KEEP their money.

Health Care Reimbursement Solutions, Inc. is a member of the AAHomecare Independent Consultant Network.

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