Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet the Team: Ashley Wyatt, Coordinator of Meetings and Education

Ashley Wyatt photoAshley Wyatt is the coordinator of meetings and education at AAHomecare. She joined the team in the Spring of 2009.

Ashley is in charge of recommending and coordinating educational events and teleconferences, as well as assuring that each trip to industry events (including Medtrade in October) goes as smoothly as possible, from the flight in to the flight out. She also spends time scouting potential event locations (she keeps recommending a “industry team building” trip to Hawaii, we keep saying no), making recommendations for upcoming shows, and works with our marketing team to promote our upcoming events (teleconferences, webinars, fly-ins).

Before joining AAHomecare, Ashley attended the University of Maryland University College full-time, where she’s currently two semesters away from a degree in Legal Studies.

Fun Facts
  • Ashley is the only person in the office who could qualify as an “ice skating” expert – she took 6 years of instructional classes growing up, and knows what a “sit spin” and “axel” are without pointing at the TV during the Winter Olympics.

  • Ashley is known to buy classic Disney DVDs on the day of release from the vault – but not for her two young children. She is the biggest fan in the house, touting her top 3 controversial picks, in order, as: “The Jungle Book,” “101 Dalmatians,” and “The Little Mermaid.”

  • Ashley’s favorite food is pizza, and says that the best can be found in New York at Bocce’s Pizzeria – “It’s the best I have ever tasted, period.”

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