Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet the Team: Tyler Wilson, President and CEO

Tyler J. Wilson is the president and CEO of AAHomecare. He joined the team in Fall 2006, with his first week on the job taking him to Medtrade.

Working with the AAHomecare board of directors (a mix of large and small HME providers and manufacturers), Tyler leads the team in developing and implementing organization strategies on the Hill and at CMS, with the homecare industry’s best interests always the top priority.

Tyler is an attorney with an undergraduate degree in economics from Georgetown University. He has spent the last decade serving as chief executive of organizations that advocate for better policies under Medicare Part B. Among other positions in Washington DC, Wilson served as an attorney for legislative and regulatory affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Fun Facts
  • Tyler can reference show tunes from as early as the 1940s with Cole Porter and, more recently, Stephen Sondheim being two of his favorites. He’s a great teammate in trivia games.

  • Among the AAHomecare staff, only Tyler will eat anchovies.

  • Tyler collects presidential campaign memorabilia, with his earliest items being from the election of 1896.

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