Thursday, February 3, 2011

MK Battery Helps to Fund Advocacy Efforts at AAHomecare, NCART, NRRTS

AAHomecare member MK Battery conducted a “Power for Funding” campaign designed to “provide a financial boost to those national advocacy groups that are working tirelessly to navigate the industry through the current healthcare crisis.”

The Power for Funding program offered to contribute $1 for every MK Gel battery sold to HME providers in the U.S. during a six month period, to be divided equally among AAHomecare, NCART and NRRTS. During the six month campaign, the program brought in a total of nearly $75,000.

MK Battery’s HME Category Manager Dennis Sharpe stated, “We were delighted with the high level of provider participation and interest, and proud to support our industry advocates with this initiative.”

AAHomecare President Tyler J. Wilson thanked MK Battery, stating, “We deeply appreciate MK Battery’s commitment and leadership, which help the Association to fight our near-term battles in Washington and help preserve the long-term health of the HME sector.”

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