Thursday, September 30, 2010

San Bernardino Sun Prints Rebuttal to Medicare Bidding Story

Esta Willman, owner of Medi-Source Equipment and Supply, Yucca Valley responded to a Medicare “competitive” bidding story which was published in the San Bernardino Sun. Willman states, “As someone who works with Medicare beneficiaries every day, it was disappointing to read the Sun’s recent editorial “Saving Money on Equipment,” which discusses Medicare’s “competitive” bidding program for home medical equipment. In addition to the factual errors, the editorial fails to examine the consequences that the program will have on patients and the Inland Empire.”

In her response, Willman points out that, “Furthermore, Medicare’s “competitive” bidding program for home medical equipment is a misnomer. This program is actually designed to eliminate about 90 percent of the equipment providers in a given market area, which reduces competition based on quality and service. As a result, it will be harder to ensure access to homecare – which is the most cost-effective setting for post acute care. Good home-based care for seniors and people with disabilities is not only cost-effective, but it also prevents much higher spending in more expensive settings – reducing the number of emergency room and hospital visits, speeding the hospital discharge process, and helping keep seniors safe and independent at home, rather than in far more expensive nursing facilities.”

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