Monday, January 25, 2010

Medical Equipment Providers to Donate Equipment to Haiti

All types of equipment are needed in Haiti to help the injured. The Florida Alliance of Home Care Services is working with the Accredited Medical Equipment Providers of America to gather equipment to send to Haiti. The Associations are working with medical missions and other non-profit entities to collect home medical equipment and identify the proper groups to distribute it.

HME providers are invited to check your warehouses for wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, commodes, oxygen concentrators and even nebulizers that are in good working order which could be donated. Collection points are being set up in South Florida. The Reef management Group has generously allowed the HME community to use an empty 1600 square foot warehouse, next to City Medical Services as a Central Collection Center for North Miami-Dade and South Broward Counties.

Items being collected include:

Bilevel–PAPs (Working)
CPAPs (Working)
Hospital Beds (As long as the motors are intact and rise with hand cranks)
Oxygen Concentrators (With Oxygen Purity levels above 80%)
Suction Machines (Working)

Please arrange drop off at:

City Medical Services
20815 NE 16th Avenue
Unit B-34
North Miami Beach, FL 33179
(305) 493-3744

Collection Centers in Palm Beach County and South Miami-Dade will open soon.


K Bishop said...

It is a beautiful thing when people reach out to help others during a crisis.

Cprice said...

I am with a local DME company out of Corsicana Texas, I have many items I would like to donate. The majority of them are bracing and orthotics, please advise on how I may do so.

AAHomecare said...

Contact City Medical and they can guide you through the process. (305) 493-3744, and thank you for your generosity!

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere to donate medical equiptment in California?

Thank you, Dr. Corbin

Sean S - FAHCS said...

FAHCS and AMEPA are still in collection mode, trying to fill our donated warehouse before we forward equipment to Haiti. The needs are still great, but distribution of food and tents has taken priority. We hope to begin delivery of equipment within a week. Also we are working to collect equipment from as far as CA.

Please donate, everything is needed.

Anonymous said...

I have other equipment I'd like to donate to haiti but don't know if they are in need of them. such as g-tube attachments,5ml 10ml 20ml 60ml syringes, knee and leg emobilizers is there a place that i can donate those things?

AAHomecare said...

Please contact City Medical to see if they are still taking donations. Otherwise, you may want to contact local charities still sending relief efforts to Haiti. Thank you.

Globelle Goff said...

Great. Donating medical equipments in Haiti is important because they are really a poor country.


Globelle Goff

Invacare wheelchairs said...

There are many companies who donate tragedy in Haiti. Like the Orbit Medical, they also gave wheelchairs to Haiti.

masks for cpap said...

I hope they still continue their good deeds. I really amazed there are still people like that.