Friday, November 6, 2009

New “Homecare Works!” Logo Illustrates Benefits of Home Medical Equipment

Homecare Works!AAHomecare, Medtrade, and other HME sector leaders have developed a new logo for homecare. It shows the words “Homecare Works!” in the center of triangle, and the three sides of the triangle feature the phrases: better outcomes, cost effective, and patient preferred. This represents the “trifecta” of benefits that the HME community delivers.Kevin Gaffney, Medtrade’s Group Show Director, said, “The Homecare Works! message is straight-forward and understandable and the new logo reinforces this message. Our hope is to see the logo on Websites, letterhead and marketing materials throughout the industry and that the message begins to resonate with Congress and others involved in healthcare reform.”

AAHomecare urges HME providers, clinicians, manufacturers, and other stakeholders to put the logo to good use in educating the public, the media, and policymakers about the value of homecare.

Update: As of March 2012, the old logo has been replaced by a newer one (shown above).

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