Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flawed Competitive Bidding Process Strikes Again

Seven business days are left to scrutinize contracts and determine whether your company can afford to continue doing business at the competitively bid price. It’s a difficult decision many providers are facing this week as they read through the contract offers provided by CMS on Friday via certified mail. Providers have until April 3 to make a decision and return their contracts.

But this decision is only for the bid winners who successfully made it through the CBIC/CMS bid selection process. Many more were not so “lucky,” and AAHomecare is learning that flaws in the bidding process may have unfairly disqualified many bidders. AAHomecare is encouraging providers who have problems or complaints related to Round One of the competitive bidding program to contact the Association with information about the specifics of those issues through a submission form located at www.aahomecare.org. Comments will allow AAHomecare to identify problems so they can be quickly addressed and shared with CMS and Congress.

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