Monday, January 28, 2008

McCain Advocates for Home Healthcare

At the Republican ABC-Facebook debates which took place early in January, in Manchester, NH, McCain advocated for home healthcare.

“We need incentives for home healthcare as opposed to long term care. In my state of Arizona we adopted a proposal which incentivizes health care providers to keep people in home health care settings. It’s dramatically less expensive than long term care. In Arizona we have one half the numbers of people per capita in long term care facilities as the state of Pennsylvania. Incentives to keep cost down…there are no incentives in the system today.”

Visit to see McCain’s full debate answer (5:18 is when McCain begins to speak about homecare).

President Clinton has mentioned the merits of homecare during the campaign while speaking to a group on behalf of his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton. And former presidential candidate, Bill Richardson, announced at an AARP forum in September that homecare was a centerpiece of his healthcare plan. "Senior citizens want to be able to live out their lives in dignity and in their own homes," Governor Richardson said when explaining his “Independence at Home” plan.

Homecare is becoming a talking point for presidential candidates but voters must keep it at the top of campaign discussions.

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Anonymous said...

I am working with Home Health care with my father and I have a warning. They do very little. They will not care for anyone who is not capable of caring for themselves.
The will also act a "police" and turn your parent in to the state for investigation if they feel they may in anyway be liable if your parent is not 100% safe. (like the smoke, or they can't see well and may trip)

From Home Health that I have experienced over the past 2 months and having read their information booklet a 14 year old coming into your home for 1 hour a day would provide a MUCH higher level of care than Home Health. My dad has an OT, a PT, and Nurse (4 different nurses so far so they can assess nothing accurately) They come in, they talk, the may take his blood pressure and pulse and that is it. I kid you not. PT is a joke. OT is a joke.

Please be careful when you consider using home healthcare it puts MORE pressure on the patient and family and does not help at all.